Ad Val. Ad valorem
ANERA Asia North America East Bound Rate Agreement (USA)
BSRA Basic Service Rate Additional (AUS)
B/L Bill of Lading
Bdle(s) Bundle(s)
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
cm(s) Centimetre(s)
C. O. D. Change of Destination
CFR Code of Federal Regulations - (USA D.G.)
CBR Commodity Box Rate
CD Container Depot
CFS Container Freight Station
ICTF Intermodel Container Transfer Facility (USA)
COFC Container On Freight Car (USA)
CSP Container Service Port (Eur)
CY Container Yard
CBM Cubic Metre
CAF Current Adjustment Factor
D/O Delivery Order
DDC Destination Delivery Charge (USA & Middle East)
DDU Delivered duty unpaid
DDP Delivered duty paid
Dia Diameter
DST Double Stack Train (USA)
ea. Each
ERIS Extra Risk Insurance Surcharge
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
NVOCC Non-Vessel Operating Cargo Carrier
n/e Not Exceeding
N. O. E. Not Otherwise Enumerated
N. O. S. Not Otherwise Specified
O. C. P. Over Land Common Point
P. Freight Ton Per Freight Ton
P. tonne W Per Tonne Weight
P. T. I. Pre-Treatment Inspection
R. O. B. Remain on Board
RIPI Reverse in land point Intermodel (USA)
S/C Service Contract
S. O. C. Shipper's own Container
SDDSC Store Door Delivery Service Charge (USA)
THC Terminal Handling Charge (Eur)
TCSP Through Container Service Port (Eur)
TVC Time Volume Contract
TOFC Trailer on Freight Car (USA)
TWRA Trans Pacific West Bound Rate Agreement
W/M Weight & Measurement